On February 17, 1970, a man named Jimmy Friar needed to make a phone call. He was an AWOL soldier who, for reasons not made clear, needed to speak to Dr. Richard MacDonald. So he called around to some hospitals before one of them gave him the residence number of Dr. MacDonald. The wrong MacDonald. Our MacDonald.

From A Wilderness of Error:

Friar then called the operator at the same pay telephone and told her that he had just lost 10 cents in the telephone, and requested her to dial the telephone number which Womack Army Hospital had given him. The operator dialed the number and a female answered the telephone. Friar asked for Dr. MacDonald and the female broke into hysterical laughter. Friar asked again to speak to MacDonald and this same female continued to laugh…The only words which Friar could recall being said were, “Hang up the goddamn phone.”

The woman on the other end of the phone is believed to be Helena Stoeckley, the woman Jeff MacDonald believes to have seen in his house burning a candle on the night his family was murdered.

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